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Our Mission is Our Promise to You

The Mission of Apex Driving School is to help build a safer traffic community for all through education and accessibility.
We are devoted to provide you with the abilities necessary to drive with safety and confidence. Whether you are a novice preparing to pass your first driver’s test, or a licensed driver looking to improve your driving skills, we have the most effective systematic methodology designed to help you achieve your goals. Owner and Principal Licensed Instructor, Derrick Scott, is a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, and can also provide assistance in learning with adaptive driving devices or with unique learning needs resulting from injuries, illnesses or congenital disorders.

Our promise to you is that your learning needs will always be treated with the upmost care, and friendly professionalism.


Helping You Navigate the Road to Freedom

Driving Courses Specifically For Seniors

Some senior drivers find that they need a refresher course to extend their safe driving career and others may just be learning for the first time. No matter what your reasons are, you can only benefit from taking our specialized senior driving lessons.

We’ll focus on relevant course topics such as how to manage visibility, driving difficulties, and how to deal with aggressive drivers. At Apex Driving School, you’ll get patient, professional service every step of the way!

Helpful Driving Videos and Resources

Your path to becoming a safe, confident and licensed driver is unique. Learning is a process of acquiring information through any combination of a visual, auditory or kinesthetic experience.
For the most effective and efficient training, your customized course is designed around your learning style, and with your learning objectives in mind.


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